A small town kid,

Hollywood dreams.

Hi, I'm Josh!

Ever since I was a child, the only thing I've ever wanted to do is tell stories through video. Throughout the years, I studied my favorite film directors and filmmakers and how they used film to convey emotion and bring stories to life on the silver screen! I was hooked. Now I'm getting to live my dream by telling the love stories of couples, and the heart behind the businesses of local entrepreneurs. I can't wait to tell yours! If you want to learn more about this lover of bourbon and palm trees, keep reading below!

More About Me

How It All Started

My love for filmmaking started when I was only 8 years old, when I took my parents Sony Handy-cam and created home movies with my brothers. I became obsessed with learning everything I could to improve these videos and make them look more like real movies. In high school I experimented more with filmmaking when I got my first DSLR and started getting paid to make videos for other people. One of my most defining moments was when my 11th grade English teacher told me:


Through a burst of stubbornness, child-like hope, and naiveté, I decided I would use those words as fuel to make my dreams a reality. I would eventually take the leap to drop out of business school and pursue my passion for video full time. In the matter of a year, filmmaking went from being a hobby, to a full blown career. Fast forward 8 years, and I am doing what I love every day and getting to help couples, and creatives tell their story through video. I've directed TV shows, produced educational series for other creatives, and told the love stories of countless couples. None of this would have ever been possible if that feisty 17 year old boy didn't take a shot at making it happen. No matter where this journey takes me, I'll never stop dreaming because that's how this all got started. My dream now is to help as many people as I can with their video needs, whether that be with turn-key video solutions or through teaching them with my free video content, guides, and other educational offerings.

"Filmmaking isn't a viable career path and you'll never make any money in it."

The Timeline

Meet Josh

After years of making videos with my parents camcorder, I purchased my first DSLR with some birthday money, and $700 I made from selling tie dye T-Shirts in my sophomore year of high school.

2012 - My First Camera

2014 - I Started My Business

I met the love of my life and high school sweet heart Erika who just so happened to be interested in photography. That year we launched our own separate businesses as Medlin Film, and Erika Falkenberg Photography. 

2016 - My Business Went Full-Time

I took the leap and decided to drop out of college to pursue my business full time. This was one of the most scary things I have every done, but it has also been the most rewarding and best things!

2018 - We Got Married!

After a hectic planning process which included our original venue canceling on us 6 months out, we got married! We had our ceremony and reception at the beautiful Dover Hall Estate in Richmond, VA. We were surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones, and this will forever be one of the most magical days I have ever experienced.

2020 - Our California Dream

In 2020 we literally sold everything we had and drove our car 3,000 miles away from everything we had ever known to go after our dream of living in Southern California. Little did we know the exact month we got there that a once in a century worldwide pandemic would take place. Even though this year was hard, it will forever hold our fondest memories. From late night swims in Laguna Beach, to wandering the desert amongst the Joshua Trees, this chapter of our life was one of our favorites.

2021 - I Directed 2 TV Shows

After 8 years of making videos professionally, I was able to realize my childhood dreams by directing, shooting, and editing 2 TV shows with national distribution. Season 2 of 2 Minute Drill (a business pitch show) and Season 1 of Office Hours (a business talk show) aired in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video, Bloomberg TV and Apple TV+.

2021 - We Became Parents

On September 24th, 2021 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Iley (eye-lee) Mae Medlin into the world. Getting to watch our beautiful girl grow alongside the love of my life is truly the greatest story I have ever been a part of. This proud dad is ready to take Iley sunset surfs in Laguna Beach, and rides on our electric skateboards (as long as mom lets us). For now, I'll settle for snuggles and watching HBO on the couch in our home in Philadelphia, PA.

My Favs


My Wife

The most important person in my life is my beautiful wife Erika! We are high school sweethearts and met when we were only 17. We started our businesses in high school together (she is a photographer), and have learned and grown so much with each other over the years. When we aren't shooting gigs together, you can find us exploring new cities, hunting down the best taco stands, and drinking margaritas at the beach. No matter what happens, she is my everything, my adventure partner, best friend, and daily reminder to me that true love exists. 

On September 24th, 2021 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Iley Mae Medlin into the world. All of the cheesy things you hear your parents say about parenthood are completely true. I can't even imagine a life before Iley, and the love I have for her is something so intense that it I can't adequately put it into words. She already has such a big personality (just like her momma and daddy), and I can't wait to bring her along with us on all of our adventures. Traveling the world for video shoots is exciting, but my favorite part is coming home to snuggle my girls.

My Daughter


Whenever I get to a new city for a video shoot or vacation, the first thing I do is jump on Yelp and look up the top locally owned restaurants in the area. The best way to get to know any new area is to try the dishes and cuisine that makes that area unique. From street tacos in Southern California, to a classic NYC slice from Joe Joe's in the west village, I love it all. If you want the fastest route to my heart it's to tell me about your favorite local hole in the wall that has incredible food. My go to dishes are Egg's Benedict for breakfast/brunch and Al Pastor tacos for lunch/dinner.

Great Food


Rewind to 2016 at the height Casey Neistat's daily vlog on YouTube. I watched his vlog every day and one of his favorite things to do was ride an electric skateboard. I eventually got one out sheer curiosity and because I used to ride longboards back in high school. I was HOOKED. So much of was I do requires high levels of technical focus, and staring at a screen while I am editing content for my clients. The best way to unwind for me is to take my skateboard out and cruise around to explore the area of whatever city I am in. After 5 + years of riding all sorts of brands, I am a bit of a electric skateboard nerd and critic.

Electric Skateboards


In 2020 we sold all of our things and drove our car across the country to live in Irvine, California which is only 10 miles from Laguna Beach. Most people think of Malibu when they think of gorgeous SoCal beaches but my happy place is Laguna. In a really scary time, when a once in a century pandemic was happening, and we were thousands of miles away from home, Laguna got us through it. From sunset swims at Victoria Beach, to morning walks in Heisler Park with fresh coffee from Urth Cafe, any time we spend in Laguna is pure bliss. This town will always hold a special spot in my heart, and be a place we will visit yearly.

Laguna Beach


Any close friend or family member will tell you that I am the type of guy who always has a drink in my hand. It's usually a steady stream of Red Bull/Coffee on rotation, but I don't discriminate. I love a good Pina Colada when at the beach, Matcha Lattes in SoCal, a nice glass of bourbon for a celebration, or some cheap wine at movie night with my wife. I view drinks as an accent to locations and occasions much like I love to explore new areas with eating great food. Some of my fondest memories are when sharing a drink and talking with a friend. Life is too short to be thirsty, so drink up! Cheers!

Drinks Galore