Now more than ever, if you don't have a strategy for telling your story as a creative or entrepreneur with video, then you cease to exist to your audience. I think as savvy business owners we know that, but the overwhelming amount of knowledge that goes into creating even ONE video can be daunting, let alone weekly or daily video content. This is where our turn-key production service comes in.

Video content

Over the years we have created quick pre-roll ads for clients pitching a product or course, we have produced countless entire 15-20 hour long online educational courses, 2 TV shows, brand sponsorships for YouTubers, influencer meet-ups, monthly video membership content, and even turn-keyed entire YouTube channels for our clients. We truly want to be your one stop shop for all of your video ideas and desires. Whether you just need help with a one-off project, or if you need ongoing help on a monthly retainer basis, we have got you covered.

You bring the amazing content, we bring our nearly a decade of expertise in the video production field, and we make something amazing.




"I have worked with Josh for dozens of film-related projects from promo videos to educational courses to promotional and marketing materials. As a small business owner myself, I place a high value on strong work ethic, client experience and a quality product. Josh continues to over deliver in every single one of these areas, again and again. His attention to detail, willingness to incorporate my ideas, speedy turnaround times and amazing customer service continue to blow me away after YEARS of working with him. He is my number one, go-to person for anything film related and I will recommend him a hundred times over!"

- Hope Taylor


"Josh is a seriously talented videographer- I had the privilege of working with him on a promotional video for my business, and his talent absolutely blew me away!! The video captured the essence of my business flawlessly, and I could tell he spent lots of time tailoring each detail and making sure to film each part I deemed important throughout the process. He made me feel instantly comfortable as he was filming, and his fun, laid-back attitude was such a joy to be around! Josh was always very prompt/helpful with his communication during our time working together, and his turn-around time with the video was super quick! And his fiancé Erika was SO helpful throughout the day! :) If you are looking for a wedding videographer or an amazing promotional film for your business- look no further!! Josh will absolutely exceed your expectations and capture your memories beautifully!"

- Courtney Inghram


"Josh has by far been the best blessing to my business. I was in need of a promotion video to help promote my photography business and he was my first and only choice that I wanted to be involved! Josh turned every dream and expectation I had into reality. He captured everything I wanted and more. It was absolutely stunning! I have received so many compliments from my promotion video as well! So very thankful for Josh and his knowledge, creativity and his amazing personality! You won't be disappointed hiring Josh for your big and beautiful day or even just a normal film! He goes above and beyond for his clients and I couldn't recommend him enough!"

- Amanda Lynn


"Let me first by saying I have worked with Josh as a client and as a vendor and he is super professional, talented and such a joy to work with. My promo film was the best investment and Josh and his team KNOCKED it out of the park!!! I referred him to one of my couples all the way in Boston and he killed it in their wedding video. If you don't hire him your missing out BIG time. Seriously one of the best!!!"

- Brandilynn


"Josh is incredible! I have known Josh for a few years and am always completely blown away by his incredible work! I have had the pleasure of working with him on a wedding as well as recently hiring him for a product launch for my photography business and was totally blown away! His turn around time was great, and I really loved seeing how excited he got to work on the project with me. I really value people who love what they do, and you can see that when Josh is behind the camera! He even went out of his way for me following his video delivery. If you're considering hiring him- DO IT! You won't regret the investment."

- Natalie Jayne



Video Course Creation

If you are a creative or entrepreneur that is looking to dive into the passive income/online education space you might be getting slightly overwhelmed by how much goes into producing a video course. The technical aspects alone are enough to have most people throw their hands up and think they would rather just film their course on a web-cam or their iPhone instead. While CONTENT is certainly king, a huge part of feeling like we "got what we paid for" when we purchase a course is the perceived value we get from the production quality of the videos. Think about it, would you be cool with watching your favorite show on Netflix and all of a sudden the audio sounds terrible, the camera switches to handheld iPhone footage, and the actors are fumbling over their words? I wouldn't! This is exactly why we offer true turn-key, start-to-finish video course production packages. 

Web-cam footage

pro lighting/audio

Turn-key packages will help your valuable content shine and be delivered in a polished and refined collection of videos that replicate the same look/style consumers have come accustomed to in the VOD (video on demand)/Netflix era. Having helped dozens of creatives make high-quality courses, we know the colossal undertaking producing a video course can be. We are here to help take away all the technical headaches so that you can focus on what you do best which is teaching amazing lessons for your viewers.

VIDEO COURSE PACKAGES starting from $10,000

  • Pre-filming brainstorms/consultation calls to refine vision
  • On-set professional lighting set up
  • Set design + creation
  • Videos filmed with 4K cinema cameras
  • Professional audio, mics, and mixing
  •  Full-service post-production editing included
  •  Us by your side every step of the way! 

Our Full-Service Production Packages Include:



Are you a brand or business that is looking for a commercial or brand film to launch a product or promote your brand with video ads? We have got you covered! With our turn-key video production packages we can structure a shoot that will maximize the reach of your brand with social media ads, product photos, and more. Kick-back and relax, tell us your vision and we will handle the strategy, camera work, and execution. Let your brand be seen in a whole new way!

 Promo Film?



We only accept a limited number of creatives and business owners each year due to the full-service nature of how we handle all of our video production clients. If you would like to learn more please don't hesitate to reach out! We know there is so much that goes into running a successful brand and we would be so thrilled if you had us be a part of it. Click the button down below to get in contact with us and set up a consultation call!

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