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Not everyone likes to geek out about video production like I do. I spent the last 8 years of my professional video career obsessing about aspect ratios, video codecs & frame rates, audio sample rates, lighting and exposure techniques, video psychology, and camera gear because I LOVE IT! You however, whether you are a couple or a creative... Do not. My aim with every project that I take on, is to offer a simple, streamlined answer to your video production needs. That way you can focus on what is really important, telling your story to the world with beautiful visuals and compelling narratives. Kick back and relax, I've got this!

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I'm a videographer, content creation specialist, and educator based in Orange County, CA! I will always be mentally residing in under palm trees and the sun. As a lover of the beach and warm weather, my goal is to bring that easy-going, calming, and reassuring energy to every shoot I work on.

This is more than just a job to me. I fell in love with filmmaking when I was 8 years old and have been pursuing it ever since. I started this professional video career alongside my beautiful wife and best friend Erika, who is a wedding and portrait photographer.

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Have you ever done a YouTube search for an answer to a video question but were instantly bombarded with hour long technical breakdowns that might as well be in another language they are so complex? Yeah, me too. My channel is a safe space for those who need tips and tricks for upping their video content game that AREN'T interested in learning every single thing there is to know about filmmaking. This is the place for quick, digestible, and easy to understand videos tips every single week. If you want to see my video tips, gear reviews, and personal vlogs, follow the link below and don't forget to subscribe!

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Video content

Now more than ever, creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners are pivoting HARD to creating digital video content from home. For someone with no knowledge of video this can seem like an intimidating shift, which is why I created this guide. Take a breather, I've got your back! I compiled my over 8 years of experience in video production and condensed it down into an easily digestible guide to help demystify video content, and get you creating high quality content your audience will love. If you're looking to sift through the trove of online information about video, and get access to just the necessities to getting started, this guide is for you. Go get started!

One of the most confusing aspects of video production can be the sheer amount of gear that there is out there. From camera bodies and lighting gear, to audio recorders and microphones, it can be super overwhelming to decide what to get. Luckily, you don't need to go buy everything I have in my kit to make gorgeous video content. I lay out my suggestions for video newbies, as well as veteran photographers who are getting into the video side of creation in my Quickstart Guide. For those of you with a little more experience, or a zest for buying gear, you can shop my 2022/2023 gear kit down below. 

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